Mar 192015


This is not a plug for a winery, this is about a Spanish gentleman that makes great wine.  I had the pleasure of meeting Clemente Sequeiros when he escorted my friend Julie B. and I around the Vigo area, house hunting.  Clemente is an architect as well as a winemaker, a scholar and a gentleman.


Julie B. and Clemente

This is the tasting room of the winery and that is the largest oak barrel in all of Spain.

Clemente makes primarily Albariño, although he does have a few other varietals planted, and I am sure he will be experimenting with those when the time is right.  However, Albariño is the primary wine of the area around Vigo, and this area produces some of the finest Albariño in the world.

Wall of Pride

Wall of Pride

The winery has won several  medals from the prestigious Decanter World Wines competition in London.  The awards, coincidentally, were signed by my old professor, Steven Spurrier of L’Academie du Vin in Paris.


If you find yourself in the area, and can wrangle an appointment, stop in and buy a few bottles.  The winery is working on distribution in the United States, but hasn’t cracked that difficult market quite yet.

You can read all about the process that the winery uses in an article written by Clemente’s friend, and now mine, Mark Auchincloss here.