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Jennifer Reyes Chavez is a very very bright young 9 year old from Cuba.  When this article appeared in the November 21, 2014 issue of Granma, which is delivered to her home everyday, she was so moved she decided to write a poem.

Felix Baez Sarreas

Felix Baez Sarrias

GINEBRA.-Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarrias, member of the International Contingent Brigade “Henry Reeve” infected by Ebola in Sierra Leone remains “stable” but “very tired”, said Friday the head of Intensive Care Hospital Geneva Cantonal, Jerome Pugin.

Pugin told reporters that at present it is difficult to predict how it will evolve Baez Sarria, 43. The situation in his state of health “can change very quickly,” said the expert, noting that “the patient may improve or worsen as is the case with this type of hemorrhagic infections”, several news agencies reported.

According to EFE, Baez Sarria has begun to receive the experimental treatment Zimapp administered in recent months to other international patients who were infected with the virus in West Africa, with results that are considered encouraging.

The Cuban internationalist physician arrived in Geneva on Thursday for treatment against Ebola, a specialist in handling infectious cases of high transmissibility University Hospital section.

He is being treated by highly qualified, well equipped and trained for such emergencies in a wing of the building that is independent of the location of outpatient facilities and general hospital.

The treatment in this European country responds to an agreement with WHO to address medical staff Cuba is involved in missions to third countries.

Here is Jennifer’s Poem:
Un Médico Héroe

Un día un médico llegó
a un país donde no se le conocía
y al pasar de los días ya
era el Rey de su profeción

Y hoy con gran amor
salvando vidas humanas
pasando entre praderas
llanos y montañas
el todo lo vence

Pore eso presente siempre estas tú
Félix médico héroe
que dejaste entre ellos
tu gran valentia y audasia

Y esa Sierra Leona
nunca te olvidará
porque presente siempre estarás
en su Patria de Valientes

Jennifer Reyes Chávez


And here is a quasi translation:

Physician Hero

One day a doctor came
to a country where they did not know him
and the passage of days
He was already the King of his Profession

And today with great love
saving human lives
passing through meadows
plains and mountains
He conquered it

Keep in mind you’re always
Felix medical hero
you left between them
Your great bravery and boldness

And that Sierra Leone
will never forget you
because you will always be present
in their country of Brave



Jennifer Reyes Chavez

I want to apologize to my very dear friend Jennifer for the horrible English translation of her poem, all mistakes are mine.

Baez survived.