Sep 252013

September 2013

I started my morning by hiking up a hill to Castromaiar. Castro means stone in galician, and at the top of the extra 1 kilometer I walked was the ruins of an old Roman encampment. Just amazing how much history is in this countryside, and most of it hidden behind fabulous stone walls amidst large pieces of farmland.


Well yesterdays hike took its toll on us today. I do not believe there is one solid square inch on either of my feet that doesn’t have a blister, in some cases, blisters on top of blisters. I even got one under my toenail. I am definitely going to loose that nail. I am rather convinced it is from two things. The incessant rain and the fact that it is so hot and humid my feet sweat the entire day. That much dampness causes blisters. Thank goodness for mole skin and blister bandaids. But I must admit, right now I am cranky and in pain.

Today we went from our little spot in Gonzar to a delightful hotel in Coto. Total 11.9 miles or 19.5 kilometers.


The terrain was much rougher today. The rain is causing a lot of the roads to wash out so the going is treacherous and very, very uneven. We were more in the woodland area today, but that does not mean we weren’t often greeted with Eau de Pig Shit and flies, but not nearly as bad as yesterday (YAY)

Also today we stopped for lunch, a necessity – I really didn’t think I could make the whole trip today, but after lunch things were great. I must admit however, the last 5 miles were up hill and we really, really talked to ourselves for the last 3.

Todays saying: Understanding you limits and recalculating.