Seeing the Elephant


Seeing the Elephant – The exact etymology of this term in not known, it goes as far back as Charlemagne, and shows up in the Civil War, but it also found usage during the California gold rush, my home state.

Essentially, it has become synonymous with journeys and experiences in strange and far-off places, so follow me as I See the Elephant.

About Me:

In January of 2013 my amazing husband, sculptor Michael H Casey, passed away suddenly. We had always traveled, and when we did we usually focused on our passions of art and architecture in the world.

Writing has always been cathartic for me and this site is my way of sharing with friends and family while I am traveling. I hope that if you have tripped over this site, you enjoy it, but if you want to cite the information or the photographs please give credit where credit is due.

About this Blog:

When reading a blog the most recent post appears first. I find this very confusing once the trip is over. So when I return I always flip the trip so you can read from day 1.

If I am still on a trip, it will read like a regular blog.

Thank you for stopping by.